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In Home Sales Pro 

As a Sales Rep you will have a life well-lived, and have pride working with a company that is active socially and in the community. You will enjoy financial stability by having a different type of relationship with your manager. Your manager is a friend and mentor who will treat you with respect as an employee and a person. We believe that life and work need to balance, should be worthwhile, and have meaning.

If you want to learn and grow in your career, and have growth opportunities,
we need to talk.


We provide:

  • Preset, confirmed, scheduled appointments with prospects
    who have qualified financially to own our products.

  • Industry-leading training pay.

  • Industry-leading commissions and bonus programs.

  • Auto expense reimbursement money.

  • Yearly incentive trips to the Caribbean for you and your spouse.

  • An honest and ethical work environment.

  • A company reputation you can be proud of.

  • Contributions to your retirement fund.


As a successful rep, you would:

  • Receive weekly pay.

  • Enjoy a flexible schedule with freedom.

  • Receive weekly training.

  • Take time off quarterly for family.

  • Be honest, ethical, and appreciate helping people.

  • Be recognized for your accomplishments.

  • Be part of a team, where your thoughts are important.

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